#OpenGov – L’Open d’Etat #1 : let’s co-construct the multi stakeholders forum for an Open Government

Conceived and impelled by Etalab, Datactivist and Vraiment Vraiment in the frame of the French Open Gov policy, the “Open d’Etat” forums are designed to make public servants who are involved in innovative projects meet-up with civil society stakeholders (private companies, societies, NGOs…) during open forums. Throughout the year, 5 other forums are planned so far.

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Fostering a virtuous cycle of dialogue between the civil society and the public service

In the frame of the Open Government Partnership (OGP), joined by France in 2014, the French administrations are conceiving biannual National Action Plans aiming at making public action more transparent and more collaborative. The action plan for the 2018-2020 period will be published in March and will include thematic or transversal engagements that French administrations designed after consulting the civil society.

Both the conception and reporting of this Action Plan are led by Etalab, in cooperation with the civil society and the administrations. The OGP plans a permanent dialog mechanism and an active cooperation with the civil society all along the conception, implementation and evaluation of this plan. This involvement of the civil society fosters a virtuous cycle, going along the needs of the citizens, and supports public action reformers.

Etalab regularly discusses open data topics with the civil society organizations that are involved in both the open data and digital sector policies. The commitments of the Action Plan, especially the whole Open Government logic, are going beyond this first circle. We want to launch a long-standing process together with the French civil society organizations. The OGP constitutes a real opportunity to express needs and proposals to administrations that will in return be able to take appropriate commitments within a “trust and action” framework.

Securing a response to a reporting and inclusiveness need

To address the double need for reporting and inclusiveness on the long run, Etalab launched a call for proposals for a civil society organizations’ coordinator, responsible for setting up an exchange forum between civil society and the Administration. After reviewing the proposals and auditioning the candidates, the joint offer made by Datactivist and the design agency Vraiment Vraiment has been selected.

The Open government forum is now launched, and it is yours to participate! All along the year, you’ll be invited to six encounters of the “Open d’Etat” forum that will deal with specific topics linked to the commitments of the 2018-2020 action plan.

First meeting on March 12th 2018

For the very first meeting, we have chosen to embody the Open Government principles by co-constructing the rules of the game and format of such meetings, together.

  • How to attract civil society stakeholders that are not yet sensitized to the opportunities that Open Governement has to offer?
  • How to create a useful and attractive framework for all the participants (civil society organizations and administrations as well as citizens), which is creating trust and substantive discussion?
  • How to design enriching restitution and online discussion tools that helps to shape an inclusive community dynamic, beyond the participants to the forums and between the different forums?
  • How to commonly choose and prioritize the topics around which we organize the first meetings?

Those questions will be addressed on the first “Open d’Etat” meeting on March 12th at Superpublic (4 Rue de la Vacquerie, 75011 Paris, métro Voltaire) from 6pm to 9pm. Participation is subject to registration. If you are not able to attend this event, you can register to be updated on the upcoming Open d’Etat encounters.