Join the 1st program of “General Interest Entrepreneurs” !

Healthcare, culture, development…: become a “general interest entrepreneur” and apply to be part of the first squad of this new program!

Announced in July 2016 at the “Future en Seine” Festival by the President of the French Republic, this project aims at accompanying citizens and companies wishing to contribute to improve public service. It will harness digital opportunities to pair talented technologists and innovators with civil-servants in government administrations in order to tackle some public challenges identified by agencies.

To develop this project, the Secretary of State for State Reform and Simplification and the State Secretary for the Digital and Innovation missioned Christine Balian, from the General Council for Economy, industry, energy and technology (CGEIET), with the support of Etalab.

A promotion and mentoring plan

This program will selected 10 candidates, employed for 10 months to solve challenges of general interest thanks to digital resources and expertise. Applicants 2016-10-27-17_33_01-entrepreneur-interet-general-logo-def– engaged citizens, innovators, datascientists, developers … – will be selected by a jury. This jury will pay attention to the applicants’ skills and experience – especially in data analysis, collaborative projects and project management.

The selected applicants will be paid and mentored by pioneer administrations, will have access to databases, and will be followed by high-level mentors and Etalab team, with the support of the CGEIET.

General interest challenges 

Improving public service delivery thanks to data is a real challenge. For this first general interest entrepreneurship program, nine challenges have been submitted by several French ministries and agencies:

  • Using satellite image recognition in order to follow progress of development projects, at the French Agency for Development
  • Using data to improve patients’ care courses, at the Occitan regional health agency
  • Contributing to data co-production between public actors from different sectors (culture and science), at the National Library of France
  • Creating a Chatbot using the Court of Auditors’s data and improve information given to the public on the French institutional framework
  • Crowdsourcing data on cultural heritage and building sites reporting mechanisms, at the Ministry of Culture
  • Using predictive models to fight against fraud, at the Ministry of Economy and Finance
  • Developing models crossing road accidents data with verbalization to prevent road accidents,  at the Ministry of Interior
  • Improving data quality in the National Driver System, using data from the national register of individuals, at the Ministry of Interior
  • Building an API that matches not normalized textual data with referentials at the Ministry of Research

A few steps to apply!

If you are interested in contributing to the resolution of one of these challenges, if you do have skills in development and data processing, acquired by a startup project, intrapreneurship, research, if you actively contribute to digital commons like Wikipedia, OpenStreetMap or others : => Please apply here before  November 21, 2016


The President of the French Republic announces the program at the Futur en Seine Festival, June 2016


On the 3rd of November, the call for applications on the nine general interest challenges opened. This call for applications be closed on November 21st. The jury will then meet on November 29th under the chairmanship of Frederic Mazzella, president and founder of BlaBlaCar to select the 10 winners. 

The program should be followed by a second part, introduced in January 2017: the goal is to open a one-stop shop desk for companies willing to share new, disruptive solutions for public action, and to facilitate their contact with government agencies.

This program extends Etalab’s action to open government : beyond opening data, models ( and source codes (#CodeImpots, #CodeGouv), opening decisions (support for consultation on the digital Republic Bill), Etalab brings open innovation in administrations, and supports the recruiting of the most innovative and diverse talents to serve as change agents in the public sector.


This program is funded by the Future Investment Programme. The winners will be recruited for a 10 month contract by the administrations hosting challenges starting january 2017. All the positions are based in Paris, with the exception of the challenge lauched by the Regional Health Agency of Occitania, based in Montpellier (34000). Click here to read the program’s rules and regulations (in French).