Paris at the heart of the digital revolution, from November 11th to 14th : join us for the Paris Digital Week


Etalab is participating in the events of the Paris Digital Week, from the 11th to the 14th of November, 2018. These events will bring together the global digital community during 3 days.

Policy-makers, administrations, innovators, intrapreneurs, govtech, civictech, civil society organizations… more than 5000 people from all over the world will meet in Paris to participate in three major events.

=> Join us for dinks on November 12th from 7pm to 9pm at Numa – open to all – subscribe here

Genuinely understanding the digital transformation and creating the best possible springboard for global prosperity and security will require engagement on an international scale in a multi-stakeholder discussion, bringing together states, local authorities, international organizations, large and small companies, citizens and NGOs. Core to this discussion must be an examination of three key questions: how the latest digital technologies – including  artificial intelligence, machine learning and the internet of things – should be governed; how the technology-empowered transformation impacts on the relationships between the state and citizens; and how public services should be delivered in future. This is the aim of the Paris Digital Week, composed of 3 sessions.

These events – detailed below – will be an opportunity to meet the international community with which Etalab has been working for several years: participants of the Open Government Partnership, Contracting 5, Open Data Charter, OECD working groups on open data and open government, G7 Open Data Charter and all its international partners on open source, civic techs and public innovation.

The Paris Peace Forum

From 11th to 13th of November at la Grande Halle de la Villette, Paris 19ème.

In the context of activities celebrating the centennial of the Armistice of 1918, the Government is taking an active part in the launch of the Paris Peace Forum, which is set to become the annual rendez-vous for ideas and initiatives on global governance, around the five themes of peace and security, the environment, development, new technologies and the inclusive economy.

=> Etalab will manage the challenge of « public procurement transparency » which is one of the four challenges from the hackathon on financial data transparency. We will also organize the hand over of  the chair of the Contracting 5 an international partnership working for on opening public procurement data, chaired by France since November 2017.

 Internet Governance Forum – The internet of Trust

From 12 to 14th of November at the Headquarters of UNESCO, 7 place de Fontenoy, Paris 7e,

The IGF is a global multi-stakeholder Forum for policy dialogue on Internet governance issues. This thirteenth annual meeting in Paris, called “Internet of Trust”, will be the opportunity to exchange on the future of the Internet, through issues of trust, regulation, security, stability and the roles of States, institutions and non-governmental stakeholders.

=> Etalab will present the French open data and open gov policies in the thematic sessions

The GovTech Summit

November 12th at Paris City Hall, Paris 4ème

GovTech Summit will gather European leaders and innovators to explore how new technologies can improve public services and democratic practices. The one-day summit will feature more than 90 international speakers, covering topics from transport to healthcare, security to international development, e-government to citizen engagement. The GovTech Summit will reimagine services that place citizens at the centre of public delivery, where public servants have an array of technology-enabled resources and information at their fingertips, and can use new ways of delivering better, more efficient, more citizen-focused services.

=> At the GovTech Summit, Etalab will moderate two roundtables about the « Entrepreneur.e.s d’interêt général » program. A specific location will be dedicated to the DINSIC, which will showcase products such as, and the products developed by « Entrepreneur.e.s d’interêt général » (General Interest Entrepreneurs) and State Start-ups Beta.gouv